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Can you book ???????


I want to make a reservation and the phone that they publish sounds busy to me. Where can I do it?

I went directly without booking. We have to wait

I come to Barcelona in November with a friend. Is it better to book on Friday and Saturday night? Thank you

Can not be booked. When you arrive, they mark your name and tell you how long to wait. Seems uncomfortable, but you know a lot of people and you can have a drink while you wait. I recommend it so much .. they have the best tapas in Barcelona with very honest prices for the nice place and the great service!

Map says it opens at 9 a.m. Can I order main dishes and tapas at morning?

Hello. Thanks for your question and answers. Yes you can order dishes and tapas in the morning, except the daily dishes, normally five of fifteen -average- that will be ready about noon. Thanks again and “bon appétit”

Hello I am a regular customer of you. I find the food delicious. My question is if they also prepare take-away food. In that case, if so, could you send me a letter? Is it possible to be sent home? Thank you very much Irene

There is no shipping home! Sorry

can children enter?

If you can enter.

Are they open on Sundays?

the restaurant is open every day.. It is closed only 1 time in a year and that is Christmas day... the 24 th of December open till 4pm in the afternoon... and the 26 th of December which is Saint Esteve day start at12:00 in the mid day.. .. Holidays & Saturday are usually open at 9am...thank you

What is the recommended menu?

Everything is very good and quality tapeo is infinite when you enter and you see what is shown so full of things you would ask all the only problem that I see is that tail queues do not reserve too much to say that they are very cool and they tell you the dangers wait for it comlex

I'm going to have lunch with 3 older adults tomorrow and they can not be in a row for long. What dou you recommend?

Arrive early

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